Healthier, safer, and more skin friendly! 

From AW20 onwards, Happyology's clothing implemented external care labels for next-to-skin styles for baby and infant sizes 3Y and below. The external care labels are usually sewed along the left seam-line, next to our brand label. The goal of this change is to join some countries's regulation on external care labels for baby's clothing, aiming to eliminate the discomfort that can be caused by traditional internal care labels regardless of materials used, especially for babies with sensitive skins. 

With external care labels, our clothing are more sensitive skin friendly. We use natural cotton fabric for the care labels so they not only feel great but also appear beautifully on the clothing.

For our basic and cotton range, we use printed care label, so that no physical labels are needed by which both comfort and appearance are improved even further. 

We hope that the small change we made could bring a big difference to our children's clothing, making them more comfortable, healthy and skin-friendly.