Summer events are great, but we know the struggle of getting the children into something that's

1. they actually want to wear and 2. Something thats remotely smart but equally moveable.

So as bias as we are we want to show you a few pieces that are going to be great for those summer parties, christenings and weddings. We want children to be comfortable so they can have a great time and you know that any it can all be put in the washing machine at the end of the day.


Baby Boys

Blog post 30.06.16baby1

Linen All in One is a great chic little outfit for your small one.

Sailor suit is a cute summer outfit

GirlsBlog post 30.06.16girls

This great linen dress is smart and chic but has good movability for party games. Alternatively for those girls that that prefer shorts then these frilled skorts are great. We would pop these with a pair of sparky pumps because they always go down well or a strappy pair of summer sandals.



Blog post 30.06.16boy1

Overall shorts and stripped shirt

Blog post 30.06.16

This is a super easy going yet stylish out fit for boys. The round collar shirt adds summer style, pair it with our linen shorts for matching or these super light cotton trousers.


Baby girls

Blog post 30.06.16babyG

We designed these with ease in mind, easy to pop on and free moving for trotting round toddlers.

 Candy Striped shorts and top have a really classic feel and are so comfortable for little movers and shakers.