Walk down any street in any city in the world and I guarantee at least half of the people you see will be wearing denim. People of all ages, shapes and sizes. Denim in many different styles, colours and finishes.


The origin of Denim is in workwear, imported from France in the 19th Century to make sturdy workpants for men across America. However it was Levi Strauss and the rebellious film stars of the 1950s such as Marlon Brando who really popularised denim.  Denim became cool, people liked that they could personalise their jeans, as the fabric wears well with time.


Today denim is a wardrobe staple for many people. Denim can be found in many incarnations from shoes, handbags and jackets to the traditional jeans and dungarees. Most designers have created their own take on denim design.


Parents tend to like denim for their child because of its hardwearing qualities and the fact that it’s easy to wash. However the rough texture of denim can put kids off and the button fly can be too complicated for little fingers.


That’s why for our denim collection we have created a soft, comfortable fabric comprised of 97% cotton and 3% elastane. Giving the clothes that little bit of stretch your child needs to be able to run around comfortably. Our collection takes some classic silhouettes such as dungarees, jeans and button-down jackets and gives them a child-friendly makeover, whilst keeping some traditional details such as brass buttons, raw edges and rivets. Since the fabric is so versatile we have also used denim for everyday items such as skirts, cardigans and warm lined coats.


This is the beginning for us, so we see this collection as the beginning of your child’s wardrobe. Dress them in timeless denim which they will fondly remember and can pass down to the next generation.