As parents, the wellbeing of your little one comes above all else - so you shouldn't have to compromise when it comes to their clothing. With parenting bloggers raising awareness of health and safety in children’s fashion, as well as industry-wide events such as Fashion Revolution Day, conscious consumerism is growing. At Happyology, we embrace this shift in the fashion industry and want to make it as easy as possible for parents to know exactly #whomademyclothes and be reassured that our garments are manufactured to the highest British safety standards.


Happyology Coast Collection


Chemical Safety

All natural and organic have become buzzwords in fashion and unsurprisingly big chains have incorporated this into their collections, promoting ‘green’ eco-friendly lines. What you may not know is that the use of organic cotton doesn't always equal chemical-free or non-toxic products, with fire retardant coatings often used on top of these fabrics - which can even contain formaldehyde - restricted, yet not prohibited, by law.


At Happyology, we ensure that all of our fabrics are sourced from suppliers who abide by our strict policies which exceed legal minimum requirements or recommendations, with no use of dangerous chemicals in their materials, whether that be dyes, coatings, threads or embellishments. Additionally, we believe it’s unnecessary and unrealistic to expect customers to wash clothing repeatedly before their little one can wear it, so all of our garments are thoroughly washed before they appear on the shop floor or at your door, so they really are ready-to-wear.


Happyology Coast Collection


Mechanical Safety

It may sound like something to do with engineering or machinery, but mechanical safety of children’s clothing is the consideration of possible hazards and risks that could be caused by fabrics, components, trims and manufacturing processes.


By controlling our entire supply chain, from in-house design to manufacturing in our very own factory, Happyology evaluates mechanical safety of our garments at every single stage of the process. For example, you won’t find any zips on Happyology garments, to remove any risk of anything (or anyone!) getting caught in a zip. Instead, we use snap poppers on babies’ garments and buttons on children’s clothing, both secured with high-tensile thread exceeding the legal requirements - again reducing the risk of harm or injury by swallowing or choking hazard.


Happyology Coast Collection


Cords and drawstrings

From a practical point of view, adjustable clothing with cords and drawstrings can make it easier to dress a little one in a hurry. However, these also carry significant safety implications, requiring careful consideration from designers and manufacturers when using them in children’s clothing.


At Happyology, we do not use cords on hooded items, to eliminate the risks associated with drawstring hoodies. We acknowledge young children are unable to assess risk to the same degree as adults, so are dedicated to minimising risk in all of our childrenswear, making items as child-friendly as possible and reassuring parents of our utmost devotion to creating clothing with children and their health, safety and wellbeing at the forefront of everything we do.