Hi, I’m Marta. I’m a photographer based in Brighton, UK. I started my first experiments with photography almost 10 years ago but I knew absolutely nothing until 2013 when I seriously went into business. It evolved from traditional painting and digital art. I’m a very lucky mum of twin daughters, now 7 years old. See it on shineonphotography.co.uk 


What is the most challenging thing about becoming a mother?

It’s a massive kick ass! For me it was learning how to be a mum from very beginning, I was trying to be perfect in something I had no idea about. Having twins doesn’t appear much different than having one to me apart from that it is very challenging to give same amount of attention and hugs to both at the same time. Now I know that all I need to do is to just love and enjoy every moment with my girls.


How do you combine photography with being a mum?

I work as a freelancer so combining my work with being a mum is actually much easier than if I was in full time employment. Photography allows a lot of freedom and does not require so much time and attention as for example painting. I’ve chosen specialities which are manageable around family needs, such as portrait and beauty, fine art, wedding photography and commercial work. A big part of my work happens at home, as I do a lot of editing. My children are also very happy to get involved in my work when possible and they allow me to try new ideas with them. They’ve become my favourite models and source of inspiration. Soon they also started to copy me at work and learn their own photography and modelling skills :) that’s them trying it out at age of 4yrs. Now they have their first professional modelling job behind them, and are able to shoot and edit their own work pretty well.


What is your favourite outfit to dress up your girls into?

I want them to feel comfortable most of all but it’s great to see them looking so cool at the same time. I’m a bit into rock style, I bought my daughters black Dr Martens boots for school which also match most their outfits. I love denim outfits from Happyology. Navy denim jackets and skirts are our absolute favourites.


What is Alexandra and Veronica’s favourite style?

They finally gave up the “all pink” style. At the moment they are into feminine designs but in darker or calmer colours. They love wearing skirts but only wide at the bottom to allow freedom of movement and some twirling. They combine them with leather boots and matching tights. On top it is always a t-shirt with some feminine accent and a jacket or cardigan. Since they’ve got their comfy and girly denim skirts and jackets, it is their first choice on a day off from school for every occasion.


What advice would you give to mums with passions such as photography?

My advice is to let it happen! I believe it is possible in most cases to get your children involved in what you love to do. Possibilities might be limited for a short period of time, when children are still very little. But this is also perfect time to focus on your child and make your passion an addition to your life around childcare. Little children are perfect models to develop your skills on. Shoot your surroundings. Take your camera with you when you go out. There’s no better companion to spend time around nature, than your child as they love being outdoors. You may also find food photography very interesting, so easy to manage at home. There’ll be a time when you’ll be able to expand your business once they will get bigger and go to school. That is the time you can dive in studio work and take more serious jobs. Until then, enjoy! There’re a lot of women who developed their careers as photographers at the time that they became mums, especially child portrait photographers and food photographers. Many of them reached the top of their careers at that exact time of their life without giving up their family. I’ve a lot of respect for them and I think they are fantastic source of inspiration.