Dad Appreciation Day



Fathers day is fast approaching and we wanted to shine some well deserved Light on a few amazing daddy bloggers that have kept us hooked with their views on being a working dad or a stay a home hero. We love the varied post from daily anecdotes to really helpful and incietful reviews. All these daddy bloggers are on the Tots 100 top 10 dad bloggers which is utterly warranted, with each of them bringing something fun and interesting to the table.






John is a father of 2 from Surry and started blogging in 2012 after giving up a career in PR/Communications to become a stay at home dad. His blog covers all his adventurers as a parent, lifestyle, father issues and addressing the possible stigmas attached to stay at home parenting as a man, mens grooming, automotive. John has been stacking up the awards since he started and rightly so!  We love johns new post about the father christmas secret.








Dave started his login 2014 to share his experience of becoming a dad for the first time. Dave fills his blog with the funny musings of a stay at home dad. We love the different topics that are included and that as well as some hilarious anecdotes that can be all too relatable, theres some great ideas, knowledge and advice. I love a product review and Dave and Baby L have covered all bases with fashion, beauty, cooking, outings, gardening and a few others. Here's a review on his trip to Hampshire . Dave has also gained loads of awards and recognition for his blog winning awards.




Slouching towards thatcham




A really great insight from a dad about his three children, we love his tag line “tales from the front line of fatherhood." Tim’s blog is a really insiteful look on his life as a working father, posting about what they get up to and also some really reflective and personal words.