Happyology encourages babies and children to wriggle and play in comfort.

We choose our materials for their combined softness and durability, allowing baby and child to move freely and comfortably. Our seams are always back-tacked which reduces pressure on the seams, making a long-lasting garment and allowing your little ones to climb, play and discover! We want you to love our garments for years to come, and pass them down to the next generation.


We like to keep it simple and natural

We all know the best things in life are natural, which is why we like to use fibres such as cotton, bamboo, tencel (from wood pulp) and wool. We are currently in the process of sourcing merino and cashmere from Scotland, to find the best quality fabrics whilst helping to support the British textile industry.


Happyology puts safety first

Our clothes are carefully designed so your little ones can’t hurt themselves on zips or cords. Our garments are free from harmful chemicals which might irritate or harm the skin. All of our buttons are machine stitched for extra strength, so curious little hands cannot pull them off! Many of our garments are fully lined for comfort and to prevent skin chafing, so your little ones can be truly cosy.